Friday, October 29, 2010

Showing the JESUS Film

One of the special joys of ministry is having the ability to show the JESUS Film.  Through monthly donations, our South Africa Tswana Team was able to purchase all the equipment to show the film anywhere.  We have a generator so electricity is no problem.  We showed the film again in a village close to town that has a small work in progress over the last year.

 As soon as we pulled into the area, we were swarmed with kid. 
They love getting their pictures taken and, of course, they immediately want to see the picture.

Setting up everything takes about 20 minutes.  The screen is about 8 feet.  We have a 250 watt sound system.  The film is translated into 8 different languages for our area.

"For God so loved the world...." We were done setting up and just waiting for it to get dark.

The gospel is simply "Jesus"

 Of course, before we get started we are able to talk with those that come early.

This was the second night that we showed the film.  The first night, the three boys in the back were the only ones that sat with me in the back of the vehicle.  It was a gradual process of them feeling that they could get closer to me.  They were waiting for me by the time we had everything set up.

The kids had a front row seat.  Surprisingly, most of them sat through the whole video.


Tim and Lee Shaw said...

My first time to visit your site. Now, I can get your little facebook snipets MULTIPLIED many times over! Enjoyed the JESUS film. We need to get out of this city!

Angie said...

Just found your site!
I home school our two girls and are excited to add you to our missions study for the year.
We can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you next.
We'll be praying!