Sunday, February 25, 2007

Josiah Mauled by Tiger

Josiah was mauled by a tiger early Sunday morning as he and his brother Andy were both in the cage of two ferocious tigers. They were invited in as the tigers were being fed. As the one of the tigers was eating and Josiah was distracted, the other tiger attacked and mauled Josiah's leg. As the picture reveals, Josiah was attacked by a 3-month old tiger cub.

We were at a the Wawiel Park Holiday
Resort just outside of Stillfontien, 15 kilometers from Klerksdorp. We were having a S.A. Tswana Team meeting. One of the benefits of the park was that there were several water slides and pools to swim in. They also had a animal park that contained 3 male lions. I was about 8 feet from the largest lion and it was incredible. His front shoulder came up to my hip and he was about 5 feet long.

Andy and Josiah going down one of the big slides together.

Caleb has just begun to get comfortable with water - he is learning to swim at school. I had to go with him the first two times, but this last week I was unable to be there with him and he was ok with it.

Bethany had fun also. She is getting comfortable with the water herself.

What needs to be said?

This is what her hair looks like after being up in rubber bands and berets for 2 days.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Josiah's Swim Meet

Josiah was chosen for the Swimming Team this year at ISSA. Yesterday was his first Swim Meet at St. Konrad's School in Klerksdorp - about 2 hours east of Mmabatho. He competed in every stroke. He did very well considering he only learned to dive last year. He swam in 7 races. He enjoys all the sports that he plays. He also is playing cricket, he joined the Chess Club this year, and is learning to play the clarinet. He loves school.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Week in Review in Pictures

Who is who? Well, the top one is Melody a couple of days ago and the bottom one is Bethany two years ago - They were taken when they were about the same age wearing the same dress !!

The little darling has learned to roll over and is now looking around. She doesn't yet know what to do.

We had a cool snap this week and it was down in the 50's in the morning. It was very pleasant. I think Jody put this on not becuase it was that cold, but that she just looked cute.

Again, you can tell by the long jammies that it was cool, usually she sleeps in a onesie and some socks. Bethany was being a nice sister and wanted Melody to wear her sunglasses.

This Extension 39. This is where we have starting visiting and witnessing. We will start a Bible study - that being the embryonic start of a church. There are going to be about 2500 of these houses. The are 3 room houses - about 600 sq. ft. They have running water, but no electricity, yet.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

February Update

Well, it is almost the middle of February before we get this update off. God is so good and again I am learning that things happen in His perfect timing. Things are off and running in Extension 39. This is the area of about 2500, 3-room houses – probably 600 sq. ft. each. Now, that is not much for 2 or 3 people, but for some it more than what they had previous. These are cement floor, brick wall, metal-tile roof houses. They do have running water, but not electricity, yet. It is necessary to say that it has running water because there are a lot of houses or dwelling places still in South Africa that do not have running water much less indoor plumbing. They have to get water each and every day. However, they should get electricity in the next couple of months.

This Monday will start the first night of visitation in that area. I have a young, untrained pastor that lives in this area. He was in an accident a couple of years ago and receives some kind of pension from the government. Apparently, it is enough to live on because he can devote his time to this church plant. The ‘mother’ church and I will be pairing him with a retired pastor that is not yet retired. So, this last Monday, five of us meet together just to pray and dedicate this work to the glory of God. It is so refreshing to see them see the need and take the lead. I am just a resource for them to use as they need me.

This last weekend, Jody and I were a part of a “Lead Like Jesus” training weekend. It was nice to be a student instead of the teacher. We learned some valuable concepts relating to leadership and being a servant and encourager and not just a leader that tells everyone else what to do. I don’t think that is a leader, but it is a concept that many people have.

My calendar is filling up fast for these last four months here. Of the 6 Sunday’s this year, counting tomorrow, I will have preached 4 on of them. That looks to be like the rest of our time here along with a couple of seminars, weekly leadership training times, preaching a couple of times at the International School on Sunday evenings, and a weekly Bible study at the Hotel School (Vo-Tech). These young people are eager to learn.

Our calendar for our time in the States is filling up fast also. If you desire for us to come to your church, let me encourage you to get in contact with us. I don’t want to presume on any invitation. We look forward to seeing you when we come – in 131 days – if I was counting!!!

Hello everyone! – Jody here - It’s been so long since I’ve written anything in the newsletter! I first of all want to say thank you to all the churches that sent boxes for my little Christmas stocking project. Everything went off great! The people were so thankful and excited to receive the stockings. It was fun to see their faces. I think Dennis has told you thank you, but I wanted to add mine as well.

We are busy here trying to get things in order before we return to the States. I am still going to the same village. I’ve been trying something new in the last couple of weeks that I hope will help the ministry continue even after we leave. I’m teaching the women the story first, and then we have them teach the children. We have some ladies in the group who have no trouble at all teaching the children. It has really been exciting to watch.

The lady whose house we meet in is expecting a baby in March so we will continue until then. Culturally, only certain people are allowed in someone’s house after the birth of a baby until the baby is about three months old. We will probably continue to visit out there, but our Storying class will end when Maboka has her baby. Please pray for her. Pray also that we will be able to have time to tell all the stories that God wants us to before we have to stop.

The kids are doing great. Melody is growing so fast. She has started rolling over and laughing out loud a little. Bethany is a little live wire who loves her baby sister and her big brothers. She likes to boss the boys around. Caleb is adjusting well to his new class at school. He’s not real detailed about what he does at school each day, but aren’t most kids like that? Josiah is doing well also. He started clarinet lessons this week. Don’t ask me how he chose the clarinet, but we let him choose what he wanted to play, and that was it! He had a cricket match today. He enjoys all the sporting activities that he gets to be a part of at school. Andy is doing well in his home schooling. He has started tennis lessons again with a new teacher. He seems to enjoy it.

I hope each of you has a beautiful, wonderful day. I love you all, and can’t wait to see as many of your faces that I can.