Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Some Pictures

These are just some pictures in no particular order or particular theme.

This was Melody's first meal at the big table.  The day before she told us
 that she was ready  to sit at the big table and not sit in her baby seat. 
You can see her high-chair in the back ground.

As part of a celebration for Andy's 15th birthday, Jody made a cake for him to
take to Friday Night Youth  at the church.  He said he wanted a cake with the
South African flag on it.  It was in no ways related to his birthday. However,
in celebration of the 2010 World Cup and in support of the South African
soccer team, on Fridays, people have been wearing  SA  soccer
jersey's and colors.  We have been supporting them.

Sleep-over at the Jones in Gaborone, Botswana.  
The boys started out in line on their pillows toward the top of the picture.

Certainly thinking some deep thoughts!!

Mother's Day 2010

It is hard to believe that Andy turned 15 on the 11th of May. 
He said he wanted a chocolate cake with green icing !?!?! 

This is just Melody being herself.  She is wearing a "dress-up" dress. 
She will start in her clothes for the day and then it is no telling what
 she  will end up inby the end of the day.  When it was warmer, she
would end the day in her swimming suit, regardless of getting in the water!

The boys playing basketball.  We were able to bring back a portable
basketball set in our crate in 2007.  The last several weeks they
have been playing with some neighborhood boys.

Melody wearing Caleb's Chargers hat.
She loves the camera!

Andy and Josiah were in a skit at church.  Andy played Jesus
in the skit. We are praying that this becomes a reality in his life!!

Josiah was also a "character of disrepute" in the skit. 
He loved being able to wear a hat and sunglassess in church!

Dennis preaching at the Easter Conference in Mafikeng the
Saturday night of Easter weekend.

Saying our 'good-byes' to the cousins in Oklahoma
before we came back to South Africa.

On the way to our annual meeting in Tshipese this year,
we spent the night in Warm Baths

Back in States, we found a playground for the girls to
play on one afternoon in South Texas.

Bethany receiving a Scripture and her "5-year" pin from
her "Aunt" Lisa. She has 5 years on the field.