Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mini May Update

(Bethany will show you her bellybutton; Andy's birthday was May 11th and Duane and Tammy gave him a skateboard; and she likes to laugh; she has bed head; Andy bought a scooter with some birthday money and Josiah's friend Tegan came over with 2 scooters.)

I certainly don’t where the time has gone, but the middle of May has come and gone. April is all but a blur. I think we spent more days out of the house than we did in the house. We were in Jo-burg for several days with the volunteer team, Jody’s parents, and a couple of doctors appointments before and after the team was here.

Jody is definitely doing better – having not cooked anything in the last 7 weeks. She cooked chicken and dumplings and biscuits on Sunday. Cooking of Mother’s Day – can you believe it? Actually, we had some people over and that is what she wanted. I could have done it, but I am not too sure of the biscuits. Mine are not as good as hers. I just haven’t had the practice it.

Jody did take her parents out to the village where she has been storying. After they were finished, they gave away some of the clothes that Oakland Heights Baptist Church sent along with the volunteers who helped in our annual training meeting.

I am now getting back into my regular scheduled activities having been sidelined with Jody’s condition (morning sickness all day long), AMTM, and my back difficulty. While Jody’s parents were here, I slept on the couch. As a result, my back went out. So much so that when we took them to the airport, I could not get out of the car. I hardly made it to the car. Who said I didn’t love my mother-in-law? I really have not been on the computer for the last month because of all of our activities and my back. I could hardly sit down.

The kids are doing well. School is back in session. That makes our life a little easier!!! Bethany is growing, changing, and talking more every day. She does not like to keep her clothes on. After her bath, we’ll get her pajamas on and within 10 minutes she will have everything off – sometimes even her diaper. It is becoming winter here, without central heat – so it gets rather cool in the house. I would say that the inside of the house has not been over 70 degrees for the last 3 weeks. We do have space heaters, so we will survive!!!

Thanks again for your remembrance of us. Your prayers enable us to continue to do our work over here.