Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vacation at Kaya Umdani

All I know is that God has blessed beyond anything I deserve -
what an incredible wife I have and these 5 blessings -
what a joy - I am wealthier than Bill Gates!

BFF's - Jody and Lisa Jones

For our vacation, we went to Kaya Umdani, which is a lodge outside of Kruger National Park. This was an wonderful opportunity for us just to relax with some friends. Outside the spacious, back porch they had a swimming area, fire pit, and braai area. The boys loved having a fire each night.

We saw some beautiful birds as we travel through Kruger. This is a Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill.

This is a Lilac-breasted Roller.

These giraffe walked around the area in which we stayed. On the website,it showed giraffe drinking at the water hold behind where we stay. I figured with all the noise the boys were making swimming we wouldn't have that photo opportunity ourselves!

We went to Kruger National Park on Tuesday afternoon and saw these hippos enjoying the water and the sun. We have seen most the animals that we would like to except for the big cats. Unfortunately we will have to wait for another time.

Well, we had to eat. This was some chicken and baked potatoes. Eventually, I took those potatoes off and put them back into the fire pit and covered them with hot coals. Um, um!

This is a bush-baby monkey looking out its little nest/house. This was hanging in a tree outside one of the bedrooms on the second floor.

This was Josiah's and Landon's bedroom. This was the sixth bedroom above the porch that really wasn't advertised. You can see the porch below through the wood slats and the walls are just screened in. Those are fur blankets on the bed. It was cool!!! I was a little envious, but more happy for their experience!

This is just a big giraffe that saw as we were entering a animal reserve. He was on the outside. There were some other giraffe that on the other side of the fence. I think he was telling them that the grass was greener on this side.

Swimming is always fun with your friends. The water was kind of cool, but they swam anyway. We knew that with them swimming the animals that normally walk through the area would be leary about coming around.