Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Update

Hello Everyone – it is hard to believe how fast time has passed since the last update. Part of my dad’s philosophy was “No news in good news!” I would agree on the most part with that. We have had a lot of things happening and none of it seems to be bad or sad. Except for the occasional sniffle, we have remained incredibly healthy. As active the boys are in the back yard playing football and basketball and the girls on the trampoline, we have yet to have a serious injury. We praise the Lord for His watch-care over us.

FROM Jody - I am still going to Moshawane and Ext. 39 every week on Wednesdays. To be honest, I’m not sure where God is leading next. I see so many needs, and there are times I feel overwhelmed. The ladies in both places are doing well, and I want to continue to dig a bit deeper in the Word with them. Please pray for direction for me.
We had a great time at Mission meeting and on vacation. It was nice to get away for awhile. I’m sure we’ll be posting some pictures on the blog and Facebook soon. Melody sang at the Talent Show at Mission meeting. The crowd enjoyed it. She wanted to sing again the next day!
We’re still on break from school for one more week. Pray for the boys at home as they finish their year.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We love you all very much.

FROM Dennis – I have been preaching regularly at Calvary Baptist Church where we are without a pastor. Calvary is where we attend as a family. The church is a block away and Jody and the kids can easily walk there when I am preaching in the village or at another church. Today, I was at United Baptist Church. Pastor Ben Poo (Poe) has been one of my best partners in ministry. He was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ, so he has a heart for evangelism. They have several branches, so I will be preaching in those churches in the next several weeks. I have been going almost every day with my friend Million out to Extension 39. It has been encouraging to see the spiritual growth in Goodwin, as he asked more questions about Scripture. Many times I just sit with him and talk about the things of the day. I use those topics to bridge to spiritual ideas and concepts. Million and I have gone next door and lead two other ladies to the Lord also. I was talking with one girl on Thursday before Easter and just asked her about Easter and Good Friday. She really didn’t have an answer. I asked her about Jesus and who He was and all she could give me was a general answer about someone that protects us and is around us. She didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I was able to give her a short, fast version of Creation to the Cross. For the last 2 weeks we have been on vacation and at a Mission meeting in Johannesburg. I am looking to start a group in Ext 39 this week when we get finished with holidays here in South Africa. From April 20 to May 1 – there are 5 public holidays. On the long weekends, I have noticed that people go away.
Since Jody didn’t share these stories, I will. One Wednesday, when Jody and Lorato were in Moshawane a man came in and listened to her story. Now, this was not just any man – this was a man whose wife attended Jody’s group. This was the man who threw kerosene on her and lit her on fire. She has since recovered. Needless to say, Jody was not too happy with this man’s presence. However, he sat through the story and continued to stay. Jody didn’t want to, but she started to talk to this man. He ended up giving his heart to Christ. He returned the next Wednesday to hear the story. God loves people!!! In Ext. 39, the lady of the house that Jody meets in has a son just graduating from high school. They do not have the finances for him to go to university. We have been praying for God to make a way – and He did. He is going to join the navy and they will pay for his education. He wants to become a doctor. This lady also gave up an opportunity to work because it would have meant for her to miss Jody’s group on Wednesday. With unemployment around 40%, she sacrificed a lot to not miss “church.”

VACATION - From April 15th to April 20th, we were in Johannesburg for our Annual Missionary Training Meeting. Missionaries from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola, and Indian Oceans Islands gathered together. There were about 220 adults and 130 children and teens. It is always a good time to see our missionary family. On the morning of the 20th we traveled east about 400 kilometers to the southern part of Kruger National Park. We vacationed with our friends, the Jones, from Botswana. They joined us in language school in September 2004. At the time, our 3 boys and their 2 boys became fast friends. We have enjoyed our times together and look forward to the next time. We were able to stay at a house just 400 meters from Crocodile River which forms the border for Kruger. We had an incredible time. The “subdivision” we stayed in had warthog, giraffe, zebra, and many other animals just roaming around. We had kudu, impala, and warthog right around the house. We saw several giraffe just driving to and from the house.

PRAISES/PRAYER REQUEST – We praise the Lord for the doors that He continues to open and how He leads us. Please pray that in the next two weeks Million and Dennis can get a discipleship group started in Extension 39. Please pray for Jody and what she needs to teach the ladies in Moshawane and in 39. She has completed a study on the Beatitudes.