Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Tswana Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Jody and I attended the wedding of Jody's ministry partner during our time in South Africa.  She would go with Jody everywhere and translate for her.  She is very well-known in this town and the Northwest Province.
I had the privelage to walk Lorato down
the aisle. She was widowed over 11 years ago.

At the church, during this 2 hour ceremony,
the bride and groom through the numerous
"items on the program."  This was part of the vows.

Getting ready to be prayed for.

All the Pastors praying for this wonderful couple.

This is the wedding cake --
made by none other than Jody!!!

Moruti Hans, Lorato, Jody
Moruti means pastor

This is the tent for the reception -
over 200 people sitting and eating.

Here is the kitchen for cooking
all the people.  A cow was given for
the reception meal..

With the reception lasting over 6 hours,
 half way through, we ate and they went
and changed.  Jody stayed for the
whole reception. I left when they
left to change.

Jody had an opportunity to share with
everyone the ministry opportunities
they had together.

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